Sunday, 18 July 2010


Although I haven't been stitching over the last few weeks, I have been buying books (poor bank balance, and on one book in particular but more of that in a later post). I'm planning on giving a personal review of each of these books, one by one over the next few weeks. Some I have been delighted by, others have been a disappointment to a greater or lesser extent. My views are personal and subjective. So I can show the covers of the books I have linked the blog to Amazon marketing. Please don't think I have done this to make mega bucks out of you guys, not going to happen as they pay in dollar cheques (checks for those of you in the US) and as my bank charges so highly, cheques for $1 or so at a time would cost more to process than they would be worth. Mainly it gives me a means of showing the covers without any copyright infringements.

I did try to start sewing my quilt on Wednesday before we left but the machine I tried to use threw a tantrum. I will try and sort it out today and if that doesn't work, go onto the other machine which is waiting patiently for me to get it serviced.

Colin has gone down to Exeter to pick up Fliss and the rest of her stuff. It seems she only left home to start university a couple of months ago and now she's coming back home again. Where shall all her belongings go? Steph is here tomorrow afternoon. She is the world's best organiser, but can she fit a gallon into a pint pot? I think there might be tears before bedtime.....


  1. Hi Sally, looking forward to hearing your reviews over the coming weeks. I spotted seven I have out of the twelve. My all time favourite quilt book (if I could only have one...)would be Roderick Kiracofe's The American Quilt, closely followed by...too hard to choose.
    Is that a hard cover edition of 'The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt' I see second from top... mine's a very old paperback.
    Til soon, happy reading.

  2. My two girls went to uni at more or less the same time...coming home inbetween years was a nightmare as at one point I seemed to have 2 extra kitchens worth of stuff to store!

    Hope the machine gets better soon.