Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New meds and I'm back in action

As it's one of the simplest forms of a quilt I decided to do a Square within a Square. (the purple is much brighter than the photo shows and the green is a real peppermint green). Patsy Thompson uses this simple pattern to show off her fabulous quilting, so if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me.

Cutting proved to be extremely painful. I should perhaps have got out my ergonomic cutter but you know what we're like, we just want to get on with it. Things are just taking longer, but they are happening so I'm pleased. I started cutting and stitching yesterday but only got two of the triangles stitched to the centre square. The threads are the possible choices. I shall quilt with the purple on the green and the green thread on the purple.

It took until gone 5pm to finish drawing these feathers (click on the image to see the feathers in detail). I probably won't do any more until the weekend or even next week.
Fliss's graduation ceremony is on Thursday so I'll need to conserve my energy (and spoons).


  1. It looks wonderful! Might have to have a play myself! Keep a few of those spoons spare :) (You wouldn't believe how many people I tell the spoons story too, and they suddenly get it!)

  2. Lovely! I might have to try that method myself to try all the different things I want to do.

  3. Hi Sally, It's brilliant and great to see you're up and at it again.Re the spoons...is that using teaspoons as a leverage for the safety pins or is there another technique I've yet to hear about?
    Thanks for the comments today on my blog and thanks for adding me to your bloglist.
    til soon, cheers Margaret

  4. Great news that you are feeling better...looks like your quilting mojo is back in full swing. Those feathers look amazing..bet it will be a beauty when it is all quilted up!

  5. Fabulous feathers again - enjoy the ceremony and hang on to the spoons.

  6. the design of the feathers looks great Sally. I am glad you are feeling well enough to start work(playing) again