Saturday, 3 July 2010

Can it really be nearly a month?

I haven't been posting because I haven't been stitching and after all this is what this blog should be about. However this week I did get into my sewing room and do a tiny bit. This piece was the sample feather I did for a little quilt. I almost always do a sample because it's somewhere to get my 'hand' in before going to do a piece and somewhere I can sort out tension issues when changing threads (if there are any) on something which doesn't matter. It isn't wonderful the stitches are a little 'jerky' and the stitch lengths leave a lot to be desired. Half of the problem was not having done any stitching for a while, the other half was not putting the slider underneath. If you haven't used one of these get one. They make so much difference!

I haven't been stitching as the pain (which has now been firmly diagnosed as fibromyalgia) was so intense I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Ferret gave me a good talking to on Wednesday and basically told me to get one with it. Well the magic worked and on Thursday I got into my sewing room, did the stitching you see above, went to a doctor's appointment, went to the pharmacy, whilst waiting for them to fill the prescription I browsed the book store and the newsagents, back to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs, then onto Waitrose to stock up on food. This might not seem much but this is huge, I haven't done this much in ages. But, there is always a but isn't there? I'd been feeling so good, I forgot to take my 2pm painkillers (normally the pain tells me when it's time). By about the sixth aisle I suddenly felt dreadful. I was stuck there with a full trolley of food. Nothing to do but carry on. I got it in the car, drove home and took just the cold stuff out of the car and collapsed. I've learnt the big lesson, take the pills before the pain takes you.
Yesterday I started the new meds. I felt high as a kite and in no pain, I could move like I used to be able. Yay! Today the effect is not nearly as strong, just a little pain but no high. Still good though. It's one of those drugs you build up slowly. I double the dose next week and add more the week after etc.

I didn't manage to get a photo of the oriental poppy when it was all open. It's going to be moved (with any luck it might survive apparently they don't take to moving very well), as the red is just too harsh for the pinky reds and purples arround it.
And the woodpecker. He visits daily but is very nervous and just the action of picking up the camera inside the house spooks him. One day I managed to catch him.


  1. Hang in there Sally! You can do it and we are there to hold your wings!

    I was starting to wonder where you had gone.

    Hugz with love and admiration!

  2. Oh Sally I'm so sorry that you are feeling so crummy lately. I really hope that you can return to a level of "normal" soon. I'm glad you were able to do at least a little of what you love to do.

  3. Well the little piece looks just fine to me here in the middle of the US.
    I love the red poppies. I have heard too that they don't like to be moved.
    I hope you can find the right doses of meds to keep you on an even keel. That is a wicked condition to have.

  4. The sample looks great (as do the poppies). Glad you're getting the appropriate meds and finding the right level for the dose - not always the easiest thing in the world. Hang in there.

  5. Good to see you back Sally. Take care!

  6. Hang in there..once you find a combination of meds that work you'll find you can pace yourself a little more automatically. It takes a bit to work out what you can and can't me I still get caught out! :o) The weather (heat and cold) will factor in too, but as long as you are aware of it, you can plan for it a bit better.

    Love the sample you did...your work is so beautiful!