Thursday, 15 July 2010

Now a fully fledged Graduate

It was really quite emotional. And we thought they might have forgotten her. She was the very last person in her ceremony to receive her degree.
A little bit of fun watching Nigel Farage (right wing offensive British politician), watching his son receive his degree from the Chancellor Floella Benjamin, now Baroness Benjamin. Pure joy.

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  1. LOL - the same Floella Benjamin from Play School? What fun!

  2. Yes the very same. I was doubtful when I heard she was Chancellor. Now a Baroness, she has gone on to do many good things. And she is so encouraging to the graduands/graduates.
    It seems to be the fashion to have media types as chancellor. Brian May is Chancellor of Liverpool and one of the Star Trek guys of Huddersfield (sounds like a misnomer, Huddersfield University )

  3. Brian May has a genuine doctorate (as opposed to honorary doctorate) in astrophysics, so I think he's qualified for teh position.