Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Back to Quilting

I apologise for being such a bad blogger recently. I shall endeavour to try harder. In my own defence it's partially due to having had a very bad tooth abscess which seemed to take over my entire brain, body and soul. After two visits to the dentist and more to come,  I am back in the land of the living.

I got the baby quilts finished.

I've finished Month 2 and 3 of Ester Aliu's BOM,
Block 2 The feet in her design were beyond my appliqué skills, so mine got prosthetic legs and I added a tail. I haven't embroidered the 'twirly' bits on either block, as I like my quilts to be rock solid in the washing machine. I might do them in satin stitch though I'm not fond of that on quilts..... decision to be made later.
Block 3 (these took so much more work than Block 1 led us to believe.

Today's post arrived with exiting things. Who would have thought I could be so desirous of some else's offcuts. But these offcuts are Patsy Thompson's, and they are very special.
She's used the positive of these feathers, so I get to play with the negatives. Obviously I cannot place the in the same sort of way (or can I?). As soon as I wrote that I realised nothing is impossible, I could cut close to the outside edge..... But I won't, I just want to play.
We've had a green visitor to the front garden yesterday, I assume it's a green finch but I know nothing of such things.
 I am quite pleased with the quality of these photos given they were taken through the kitchen window.
I'm always on the lookout for new quilting designs, and I saw this commercial quilt in TK Max.
Such a simple idea and so effective. This has obviously been done on a computer driven machine as the pattern repeat shows but as a freemotion design it would be fantastic.

For absolutely years I've been planning to take a photo of this, The Lion and the Lamb in Lion and Lamb Way in Farnham. So I've taken this just with my phone though sadly it's now coated with a very ugly polyurethane varnish. They had a choice of leaving it be and let it go grey naturally, or oiling it every so often, but they went for the ugly solution... why? Kids climb over it and love it and that's exactly how it should be.


  1. That's beautiful quilting, love the pattern. Nice work in spite of the abscess!

  2. Glad to see the results of you being back to quilting - gorgeous. Hop the abscess is less troubling now. And yes, it is a greenfinch.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Pain does seem to take total control of your brain. The baby quilts are beautiful. I am especially enamored with the one with the circles!

  4. They are beautiful!

    I hope your feeling better soon.

  5. I've loved the circle quilt from the first moment I saw it. How did you design the quilting for it? freestyle or planned out each circle?

  6. I have a large spiral stencil template and I used that for the circle quilt. I had a tiny bit of trouble knowing where to start and stop each spiral bit I 'went with the flow' and it worked, lols.

  7. Love your quilting Sally you are such an awome quilter what sewing machine do you have ? I think it helps to have a good machine and a very slick surface .I hope all is well with the tooth I also have one I have to get fixed ,I really dread the dentist ,have a nice summer.