Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Now it is really Wednesday....

I was in a lot of pain on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so you'll just have to forgive me getting the days muddled. Today is a bit better and I'm  compos mentis.

Today I got a lot more done, two flowers. When I started this quilt of Esther's she sucked us in with quite a simple block. I was at a stage when I couldn't think of what I wanted to do and it seemed a good idea at the time! If I had known how challenging and time consuming it was going to be I probably would not have started. It is a super quilt, if you click on the link to Esther and scroll down you will see it finished in her colour choices. As a rule, I don't make other people's designs. If I'm going to break this rule this has been a good quilt to do it on.
I wondered how I was going to the anthers of the flowers, and today I decided to machine them. Here's how I did it, much much quicker than hand stitching and I like the effect and the 3d thickness of them. I used a polyester embroidery thread.
I put the area into a small embroidery hoop with a layer of very fine interfacing underneath. I placed the needle half way along the line and bought the bottom thread to the top.
I stitched away from the start (I have the feed dogs down and am freemotioning) just far enough away from the start so I can cut the ends off. I then just stitched up and down the line not quilt in the same place until it looked thick enough.
To do the next one I just jumped across (again in the middle of the line so the ends will be hidden)
When finished I just turned it over and cut away the interfacing quite close. I don't want it affecting the natural give of the fabric whilst quilting.
I love how this is turning out. I will probably change the vase into something which goes more with the 30s fabrics, something a little less art deco.
And having done the anthers on the flowers of course I realised I could use the same method for the tendrils on the previous blocks.


  1. It is looking lovely! Love the colours you have chosen!

    I have Esther's patterns safe and hope to start one later in the year. Like you I usually prefer to design my own but this is a lovely quilt and I am very tempted!

  2. It may not be your own design, but it is still very beautiful - I don't know how you manage such precision on a sewing machine!

  3. Gorgeous 1930's look Sally, your blocks are lovely, I cannot believe you have done 2 more corner blocks today??????

  4. I read your "WIP Wednesday" and didn't even notice!!!!

  5. I hope you are feeling better Sally. I really do love the prints you have chosen for this. Yes, it's true I did lure so many of you in with the 1st simple applique block - but there was a Serious Applique Ahead Disclaimer attached, so you were all warned....kind of.