Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WOW Heart's Desire

WOW = Work in progress on Wednesday
Esther has come up with this idea, we all should post what we are doing on Wednesdays. Well today saw the finish of my root canal work so that took up a goodly part of the day. I started doing my first block 4 in Esther's BOM on Monday. Life has got in the way and I haven't much to show. But a start is a start....
There will be four blocks the same as this one. Take a look at hers, she has finished and it is super!


  1. That is a lovely block...t will be gorgous when you are finished.

    Today myself and four other ladies worked on piecing charity quilts.

  2. Wow, I love the fabrics you have chosen so far. See your sketch with the colored leaves on it, I wonder what this block would look like with white on white (or off white) florals. Has my curiosity up now and makes me want to try doing it. But first, I better finish the one I'm working on. LOL Can't wait to see the whole block when your done.

  3. This block is looking very promising... Love the greens. Looking at your other blocks in the group, I have an idea what look you have got here with the fabrics, I like it and can't wait to see more!

    Oh,and a start is a start!

  4. Love your tables and your quilt block.