Sunday, 24 July 2011

Not sewing but painting (and not pictures)

The conservatory is coming together.The floor cannot be install for another month or so until the screed has totally dried and there is no chance of any damp.
Some time ago when one of the chains of leather furniture shops went into liquidation I bought four coffee tables to paint up.
Before painting but after sanding.
Midway through with two coats of primer undercoat,
And after two coats of paint,
Meanwhile, Steph undercoated the front door, I loved the colour and the mat finish of the primer....

But now it's black,
It just needs another coat.


  1. What a beautiful light filled room you are going to have. Love the furniture too.

    Yes, I liked the grey door, I once fell in love with a peach undercoat painted over a house a few streets away and was very disappointed when I realised that it was an undercoat and that the house was just ordinary white!!

  2. Also, I do have to mention that I am impressed with your furniture painting skills. I do think painting furniture is exhausting!!!