Wednesday, 14 September 2011

faux trapunto, Light and Shade and Toad in the Hole.

 I've decided to do faux trapunto behind each of the appliqués. I'm taking an approach used by longarmers, and that is to quilt just outside the appliqué to make it more prominent. Because of this I don't have to use water soluble thread. I'm using Quilter's Dream de luxe (the heaviest weight) polyester for the trapunto. This batting sticks like cotton and is a joy to machine quilt. This weight is almost like white synthetic felt, the two lighter weights, Request and Select have a really good drape, but this one is quite stiff. I'm stitching this batting with Invisifil just up against the applique before cutting away the excess.

I bought the Invisifil at the National Quilt Show this summer. I love this thread, it behaves like the silk but so very much cheaper. Very kindly Wonderfil gave me some of their other threads to try out. I haven't had occasion to play with them yet, but I'm excited with the prospect. I just know if I start playing before I've finished the Heart's Desire quilt, I won't finish it.

For the Light and Shade piece for the International Quilt Challenge this month, I quilted a wide attic window style  border . On the lighter putty shade of the border I used a filler I haven't used since I made my husband a quilt for the millennium. I had forgotten how quickly this background filler quilting goes, it's possibly one of the fastest out there (something to remember).
We had Toad in the Hole with a rich onion gravy for dinner tonight. We haven't had this for years and it was yummy!


  1. This all looks so good. The trapunto is going to be stunning. I'd love to know how you get on with the thread too.

    You have got on with light and shade so well, I have stalled a bit. I am quilting it tomorrow, most likely!

  2. Light & shade with its perfect frame is going to be some one's Pride & Joy. It will make a wonderful Xmas gift. I still think it would make a wonderful design for a necklace.

  3. I am loving Light & Shade. But please tell me why you call if faux trapunto? You are adding additional batting behind the applique, then cutting out the excess before you add the whole piece of batting and backing. Correct?

  4. To California Fiber Artist
    Your email address is bouncing.
    All the entries are on the link above,
    Sally Bramald

  5. The applique looks fabulous and the trapunto will be such a beautiful effect. I love your light and shade piece, it really looks effective. I haven't made toad in the hole since my kids were young, must revisit that one.

  6. I am in awe of your lovely work! Wow.

    ....but I have to ask.

    What the heck is toad in the hole???

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Hope you're back again soon!