Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My post to the International Challenge 'Light and Shade'.

I'd had an idea about balls bouncing about with their shadows giving them their position within a 3d piece. After tearing up a few pieces of paper, I'm ashamed to say I gave up. What has happened to my tech drawing skills, I thought they were with me forever....

First I applied the shadows on, and then I added the foreground
 It's still not stitched down but I am pleased with the effect of this very simple piece. So tomorrow I might get round to quilting.....


  1. This is lovely Sally. As for your tech drawing skills, a bit like riding a bike after a long time away, a little wobbly at first but it will soon come back.

  2. It is gorgeous, when I first saw it I thought you were making a necklace & I said to myself "That’s Sally always thinking out of the box" I still think it would be a stunning necklace. Cheers Glenda

  3. Yes I know the feeling, but those skills do come back eventually, after lots of practice!

    This looks great. I do wish I could sneak a peek at everyone elses progress in this challenge!