Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Time to stop

I took a couple of tramadol last night, I was excited at the prospect of being pain free for a few hours and to have a deep sleep. Well, I woke at 5am in pain and was very disappointed but I drifted back to sleep and on my reawakening felt much better. So not a total success but not a total failure either. I feel a little woozy today so not the day to do anything which requires precision.

I did get the last two corner feathers completed and love them even more now.

I added a couple of  them to one corner and traced through the extra leaves and vines. I am totally convinced now that these just are just overkill on top of the appliqué feathers so they shall stay as they are. I'm waiting for some Quilter's Dream Deluxe poly to arrive from the States to use for some faux trapunto. As any of you who have done this will know, it's the cutting away of the excess batting which takes the time. When it arrives I shall stitch it onto the blocks before joining them together as it is so much more comfortable to cut away  when working on smaller pieces than with a whole quilt top.


  1. I love those gentle colours on your version of Esther's quilt. You have put your own stamp on it and your quilting will make it even more beautiful.

  2. I still cannot get my head round how you accomplish this, but it's simply beautiful!

  3. Sorry to hear that you had a bad night. This is beautiful and the additional vines would definitely make it look too busy and detract from what you have done.