Saturday, 3 September 2011

Slowly but surely

It's coming together,
To do two of those feathers either side of each vase is taking a day of stitching but I'm in love with them! I laid this out just to show you guys but now I am thinking perhaps I don't want to appliqué the more vines and leaves over them which were in Esther's original plan. There's a voice in my head saying 'you don't want to do that because it will save on the work' but there is a stronger voice saying ' it would be gilding the lily'. I really cannot say I am avoiding it to get myself over doing more work on the quilt when I know these each of these feathers with 23 different fabrics in each are more work than the original triangles designed for all eight sides of the vase blocks combined.

It has been a very odd summer here in our part of England. Very very dry from February until June, then grey, cool and damp almost  every day from there on. The Cosmos self seed and I love their cheerful brightness even on the darkest of days, the delphiniums haven't faired so well in the high winds and heavy rains but to be fair on them, this is they're third flowering after cutting them back after each bloom has faded.
It's been a great year for the foilage on the runner beans but not so many beans themselves. Enough for the two of us 2 or 3 times a week...


  1. Sally, while I think Esther's original design is beautiful, what you're doing with yours is *at least* equally so — and it has the advantage of being your own interpretation, rather than simply an exact copy. I love it!

  2. I do love this and it is going to look so beautiful whichever way you go.

  3. Your Heart Desire is worth all the extra work. I love that Esther shares and enjoys how everyone has added their own touches. I have not started mine, because I thought we were moving. I need to rethink starting this quilt now that I know we are not moving for a while.