Friday, 8 June 2012

It is nearly a month since I blogged

And so much has happened. Toad Hall is no longer ours and a new family are starting their lives there.
It was a whirlwind move with us exchanging contracts on the Wednesday and moving out on the following Tuesday. I arrived at our new home (well not entirely new we bought it 7 years ago) and I was shell shocked. I hadn't expected to feel the loss of Toad Hall quite so keenly. I hadn't taken on board all the happy memories which would rise to the surface but these I can (and have) take with me.

Now we are here in the Forest of  Dean in a small village of about 85 dwellings, a pub and  a church dating back to 1100. Though these are both outdated by a standing stone going back to 1700BC. We have a Saxon Well too. Even the standing stone was painted white to honour Lord Nelson.

But back at our new house all is chaos. I just want to get into my studio and the end is in sight perhaps in a couple of weeks, I can take time out and just sew. I need it so badly.
We couldn't even enter the sitting room for five days.
This was the dining room after we got rid of half the boxes. (notice the broken Ikea bookcases standing in as storage until I manage to organise a large dresser for the large wall on the right).
The landing.
The sitting area at the other end of the kitchen. Oops it's not as large as I thought and these two sofas just don't fit, so one will go into the sitting room (hopefully with the other one already in there, but this room will double as Colin's office as well so space might be tight in there as well). I saw a super little pink velur sofa in Ikea today which WILL fit.

Even the little garden is strewn with debris.
Our Dogue wasn't too impressed to begin with but he has settled down nicely now.

Stay with me, normal service will be resumed.... I need my life back.


  1. Yikes! Sally, moving is difficult enough without doing it as quickly as you did. I hope all will calm down for you soon and that you'll get your much-needed time for stitching.

  2. Argh! Sounds like a nightmare, but I think a quick move is preferable to stretching it out and at least the worst is done and you can take your time arranging your new home.
    All the best - I think it is a good time to have left Fleet!

  3. it is awful while it is happening... but you will soon be making new memories and it will all seem like an awful nightmare.. hopefully!! xx

  4. Such an upheaval for you but you'll soon be settled and back at your machine. All the best. Pat the dogue for me!

  5. Salvation came in the guise of a container (the sort you see on the back of trucks) available to rent. A lot of the boxes have migrated down there so at least we have space to unpack even if we have nowhere to unpack things to. Bring back our double arage please!

  6. I'm still not completely unpacked after being in my new home for 10 months.
    I'm sure you will have it whipped into shape pretty soon after many trips to Ikea.

  7. Sally I feel your pain!

    But I must say, you've achieved A LOT in what is essentially just a few weeks. And it's always so nice to get a house right and create a new space...once the major unpacking is done.

    You'll be back quilting in no time...

  8. What a lot you've accomplished in such a short time! Wishing you lots more happy memory-making in this house.