Saturday, 16 June 2012

Settling in but still no stitching

I might go mad. Even making curtains is starting to seem wondrous, I must be desperate.
Our kitchen was dark, well not really dark but because the other two ends of the L shaped room have huge windows eyes perceived it as dark. So time to get the electrician in.
I felt this looked a little like an art installation.
It got better but we bought out the local electrical wholesaler of his LED downlights so we will not have full light until Tuesday.
I have been into the local town once so far and discovered The Gourmet butcher shop. Apparently they are famous for their faggots, but rather like haggis, I like to be able to identify what I eat. This is their rear customer collection point. Love the painted windows.
Frank appreciates their bones, whilst we are very impressed with their human food.
Colin and Fliss ran into these ponies whilst out walking the dogue. They are semi wild Exmoor ponies bought in to help with the management of the Forest. They were very shy of Frank and kept their distance. I have found a wonderful woman who walks Frank when Colin isn't here. It is her job to look after the ponies. Once she had been up there with Frank and her dog, they trusted him and came up close. This might not be a good thing as they have a reputation of being a little over friendly.
We have been having serious rain. I am very glad we live at the top of this very high hill, I dread to think what is happening at the bottom.
It was more like living in the tropics (though the temperatures do not correspond). The gutters just could not cope as this very short video shows.
I have to believe I will get into the sewing room soon. When the electrician comes back with the kitchen lighting he is going to install five lights so I can have some serious bulbs in there.


  1. I love the picture of Frank. He's absolutely gorgeous. What breed is he? How big is he? Would he like to move to California and live with three cats?

  2. Lovely to see some glimpses into your new home & surroundings. Frank is very good to leave the ponies alone - my dog would have been half way across the forest after them!