Friday, 22 June 2012

It seemed like a Good Idea at the time....

I thought this a brilliant way to store my threads given my new studio is small. Right behind the door, the thread racks fit wonderfully with the door stop protecting them from being smashed. At the old house I just hammered a couple of nails directly into the wall and hung them up. This was good enough as they were in a position where they didn't get knocked. This time I got DH to drill right through them to make them secure. This worked for the first four you see at the bottom.

But he was not around when I opened the box with the rest of them in it. I also found a reel of high strength double sided tape. This stuff is really strong, it will take up to an 11 kilo load, far more than a few reels of thread. I carefully measured where it was going and made sure there was a pencil wide gap between it and the one below. Lined it up very carefully before pushing it once into place.

Can you spot the deliberate mistake? And if you have any idea how I get it off without removing the plaster, let me know.
And joy of joys I found some low energy 45w light bulbs. They might even be too bright and I shall have to replace a few with lower wattage ones.
The little camera on the iPhone has compensated for the light. Each one of these is packing out the equivalent of 300w and believe me it is seriously bright. I will have to replace about 3 of them with lower wattage bulbs. They might not be the prettiest thing on the planet but I am overjoyed not have shadows from my ruler.


  1. oh my... guess you'll need to get some gravity defying spools for that one!

    ...but in case you can't find any... try VALSPAR "goof-off" - the ultimate remover - but be prepared... it will take off the paint, glue, and everything else in sight! leaves a fog on all plastics, too, so brace yourself!

  2. Thanks Thea, I rang the manufacturer and they recommended WD40, which did work after leaving it on for an hour, scraping away a bit, adding some more for another hour and so on... So all is good!

  3. Glad you were able to correct that deliberate! WD40 seems so good for all sorts of things.

  4. Thank goodness that was fixable - that's the kind of mistake I would make. What did you kick and throw when you discovered what you'd done.....

  5. I can imagine you were so excited to be able to do something instantaneously that you never gave what way it went up a thought.

    I would have been laughing at myself if I had done it, glad the WD 40 worked.

  6. Good to hear WD40 worked. When I first purchased that type of thread holder my husband put all three racks up as a surprise while I was at work...all three were upside down but it took me a few minutes looking at them trying to figure out what was wrong. He couldn't understand why it wouldn't work until I tried to put a spool on them. haha