Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I have been doing things, really I have.

Someone came over for a little teaching and she bought this wonderful thread with her. She said it is Isacord but I didn't know it came in metallics. Whatever it is, it behaved itself better than any other metallic I have used and I didn't slow down for it, nor did I use a metallica needle.

I designed the next bit of the hand worked quilt. I shall have to remove the blue bias stem. I thought I could get away with the preprepared stuff but the baby blue is just too bright.

I have blown this close up as large as I can so you can see how wonderful it is to applique and English piece over papers with Invisifil by Wonderfil. The edge of this diamond is two inches long and the thread is barely visible. Like the YLI silk it is very slippery on the needle but because both are so fine, you can tie a knot just behind the eye of your needle and it doesn't get stuck going through your fabric.

Today I have been designing the next border on the machine applique piece. This isn't going to be a speedy job! I so wish I had started with simple elongated ovals for the leaves.


  1. Sally did you use it in the bobbin too? Love your quilting and your pattern you are creating on your appliqué.

  2. That looks like beautiful thread to work with - your quilting is excellent! I love the pattern you are creating.

  3. What beautiful work, Sally. I really love how your handwork design is developing!

  4. Sally - I wish I could "come over for a little teaching" ;-D Beautiful work, I'll keep an eye out for the Isacord Metallic! Cheers

  5. That thread sounds nice! The last photo has me on the edge of my seat.....