Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stash enhancing

I haven't got room but..... my haul from the Festival of Quilts this year. It's different from my normal buys almost all reproduction stuff.
But firstly I have to share one of my antique quilts.
This is the Chinoiserie  middle.
And here you can see where the seams are and how the original maker put together her central panel.
You can see how she made the borders go all the way round?
And this is what I found on Ebay!
So I can make a similar panel for the centre of a repro quilt. I am so excited about this. It was printed in 1988 in England by Charles Hammond Ltd. It is curtain weight cotton but I sure that a smallish piece of this sort of weight in the centre of a quilt won't matter too much.... well not with lots of quilting to support it.

And my haul from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

As you can see, quite a haul of reproductions! I was delighted to find the Wintarthur fabric (and at £4/metre it was a bargain....)


  1. I really wish I'd been there,I love all of these Sally, they are superb and your antique quilt is a treasure.

    Great fabrics too, I am really getting into the whole 'reproduction' style now whereas before I wasn't overly interested in it, your haul is stunning and so full of ideas..... do I need any more ideas? Do I have the time for more inspiration??


  2. Wow - really loved your purchases, I have a few of those myself. If you have any of that blue fabric left over perhaps you can contact me to talk business - I thought if was fabulous!!