Thursday, 22 August 2013

Just to prove I haven't been on my backside doing nothing.

I have been on my backside at the sewing machine and the iron. (grin)

It doesn't look like much does it?
A closer view. It took a whole three days to do this much. Each one of those flowers has nine pieces and then there are another three borders to go before I even start the outer borders... I am toying with the idea of making the large centre flower in blues.... perhaps not. I think it will be one more day to do the leaves and stems on the left.

You might have to send out a search party.

We had an incredibly heavy but short lived downpour at 4am. It woke us both up. I dreaded finding out if the poppies had survived. Thankfully the damage isn't too bad.


  1. Lovely appliqué. A real treasure in the works.
    I like the waddle edging around your poppies. That's hard to get here in th US. There is something about those papery flowers one can't help but love.
    It's a hard flower to get a good likeness in appliqué.

  2. Your border is so beautiful already, and this is only the beginning.....

  3. Wow! Your work is so precise. Absolutely lovely.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Sally! So glad that you aren't (yet?) doing LE and showing us all up with your wonderful work! ;-)