Thursday, 8 August 2013

One day designing, one day tracing four copies and one day transfering to background fabric.

My sewing table top is glass and I just push the sewing machine back and place a low energy lamp 23w lamp on the floor underneath.  I iron the freezer paper to the back of the background fabric and trace through. This way my placement is easy and the freezer paper template matches the background markings exactly.  I'll peel the freezer paper off the fabric, then iron it to one or more sheets of freezer paper to make it stiffer. I cut out the shapes, press the template to the wrong side of the applique fabric, turn over the seam allowance, glue it down, then glue the applique piece in position for sewing on the back ground fabric.

But is all takes time......

And tomorrow I hit the festival of quilts, plastic at the ready to go.


  1. Time consuming, but I'm sure that the results speak for themselves - the prep is all worthwhile!

  2. I assume your design is in reverse if you are ironing freezer paper to the back side of the background?

  3. Hi Karen, Because it is on the back of the fabric and the same freezer paper will be on the back of the applique pieces, it comes out the same way as the tracing. As this particular design is symmetrical it would still work if you were using the freezer paper on top. If you were writing words or a design which required one particular alignment AND you wanted the freezer paper on top then you would have to reverse the image before committing it to the freezer paper. Easy enough, just turn the original upside down before tracing. Clear as mud? lols