Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I had hoped to show you more progress....

 I had hoped to at least finished this centre, but I am very nearly there. Just one and a half flowers at the top, then a soak to remove the freezer paper I used at the beginning.
 That first book on Chintz I blogged about has sent me into a chintz frenzy. I have always loved these sorts of prints. I bought this panel and another one in a different colourway some years ago now. They come up every so often on Ebay. The coordinating print at the sides is name Karakal and both it and the central panel, Palampore were made by the very upmarket company, Brunschwig and Fils. The colour is half way between this and the closeup below.
 I have been on a one woman mission to buy some of the glazed chintz which was printed in the early to mid 1980s. I was surprised to find a lot of them were printed in Holland and the others in England.

 I went into the garden and saw pigeon feathers spread everywhere. I was about to blame the cats when I spied this sparrowhawk who was the culprit.

 The sun was out recently and the wild ponies at the top of the hill obviously enjoying a brief spell of warm dry weather before winter arrives.

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