Saturday, 19 October 2013

I think I have decided

I have finished the centre piece and am still very unsure about how low the contrast has become.

I know the contrast is just too low. I like the look but not enough to make it into a large quilt. So my decision is to just add one border to finish it off. Then I will do a full size quilt using the same fabrics also on linen but either on a white or very light cream. I finished it the night before last and last night felt quite bereft as not having anything to do with my hands. Who knew I would become addicted to hand applique? Certainly not me. And my skills are improving....

And Rosie found a place to snooze amongst the fabrics.....


  1. Personally, I love the low contrast but it's all in the eye of the beholder isn't it. Beautiful work.

  2. I know it will be a whole lot more work but what about embroidering around the appliques? Especially the ones with very low contrast. You could always try a bit and if you really didn't like it, you could rip it out.

  3. Would not the low contrast be mitigated somewhat when quilted? I can see the leaves standing out more once there is background quilting around them for instance. And in some cases, the thread color itself changes how the fabric it sits upon is perceived. But don't mind us - I can see why you would want to give this a go on a different background color.