Sunday, 6 October 2013

Yet another glorious little book- V&A Pattern Indian Florals

 I admit to being very disappointed with the size of this little book. (sunglasses again to give scale)
 It is truly a little wonder. It has good photos of textiles from the entire subcontinent not just India.
 These are pages opened at random again just to give you a glimpse of the joys to be found within the covers. Some are prints, some embroideries, a few are woven. Some were made for export, not necessarily to Europe but also to Thailand and Indonesia.
What I hadn't known when I ordered it was it comes with this CD with the photos at a resolution of 300dpi.

Autumn has come to the Forest. I know how some of you love it so much but for me apart from having lovely cool nights it feels like the season of death.
I had hoped to leave the uninvited sunflowers for the birds but they are rotting on their stems.

There are a few compensations.

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