Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lovely new (to me) sewing box and I have started on a border

It was an Ebay find, sold as vintage but cheap enough. I suspect it is one of those things made to look vintage from the Far East (there was another very similar one for sale at the same time).

It is just the right size to have next to me on the sofa for hand work.

And this is the first of the borders for the low contrast quilt. I might just trapunto some feathers in all that space or make each of the four borders different with different applique....


  1. Oh Sally what a lovely find and such lovely wood. Even if it is not a vintage it will become one now LOL. It's a lovely piece and will give you so much enjoyment for years to come. Cheers Glenda.

  2. What a wonderful find! It is perfect for housing the needs for hand stitching and quilting where you sit

  3. So exciting to get to the borders--one step closer to a finish