Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Not sure if this was bad design or me nitpicking.

Should I not have designed it with such tiny bits of background showing? And having done that should I have ignore them? It is actually worse than this tiny bit. If you follow down the diagonal going to the front and left, there is an even smaller sliver of background between the brown stem and the leaf. And yes, I have quilted that too. I might be more than a little insane, lols. I am getting so impatient to get rid of that white soluble thread, but it will have to wait until it is completed.

I gave myself a break from the tiny gridwork in the middle and did this much faster fill in the next border. It was positively relaxing after concentrating so hard.

The weather has changed here in the Forest. Suddenly it feels like spring. I go to sleep listening to the sheep with their lambs and wake to the dawn chorus.


  1. Your hard work has paid off and the end is near. Can't wait to see the final quilt. Chris

  2. You have done a wonderful task and chosen well! It will be more than worth all your beautiful efforts! Luv......

  3. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying seeing this quilt come to life with the gorgeous quilting! What a stunner!

  4. can you tell you me, is the white thread on the applique shapes soluble thread? why did you use it? if this is too redundant a question, or annoying, please disregard. perhaps i'm coming in late on the discussion? i just admire your work and would love to know your method. thank you! tanya.

    1. The white thread is the water soluble Tanya. It holds the faux trapunto in place. You cut away the batting on the back right to the edge of the water soluble stitching, add the normal batting, then when you have finished quilting, you wash out that white thread as it is no longer needed to hold the extra batting behind the applique and the quilting motifs. Hope that makes sense, if not search for 'faux trapunto, water soluble thread'.