Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tutorial. How to do that grid.

Bunny asked how to do this grid.

So I took a little break and thought I would show you.

Start by drawing your grid out on your fabric using your preferred marking method.
 In this sample I used a 1/2" grid.
 Stitch curves and hit the line on the intersections.
 And then go back in the opposite direction.
 Sometimes you end up in a corner. Just squiggle your way to an intersection.
 Then fill the centres with squiggles. You just want to flatten that middle bit, try not to go over the lines you have previously stitched for the curvy grid. Travel from one centre to the next by going through the corners.
And this is the back so you can see what it looks like without the grid marks.
 When you get more of them done, the ellipse shapes take on the form of a grid as they puff up.


  1. This method can be done on domestic machines and longarm both. Wish we had a master quilt marker here to learn from. Good tutorial. Chris

  2. Thanks for the explanation of how you did this fantastic quilting! It was very helpful!

  3. What a great tute, thanks Sally! You make it look so easy, but then you are such a good quilter!

  4. Thank you for the explanation. You make something that very complicated looking stitch seem manageable. Your work on this quilt is beautiful!

  5. Your quilting is beautiful and I thank you for the tutorial on the grid.