Friday, 15 January 2010

Crab Apples to the Rescue.

In December I think I showed you this fabulous crab apple. It truly looks as though it's decorated for Christmas. It holds it's fruit right up until spring when the blossom comes out.
Except this year these redwings which are not normally seen in gardens, came in a flock every day. I think because of the continual freezing, the fruit softened somewhat and the birds could use it.

Below the little tree, it looks very much as though a massacre has taken place. Perhaps it's the blood of the snow man who has shrunk to half his original size.

And this little chap is going for the last few fruit.


  1. What a wonderful reason to plant a crabapple tree. Our feathered friends are freezing here also.

  2. Great photos! It does look like a tree massacre!

  3. So good that they have found something to keep them going.