Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I can't even begin to share the disaster which is the white wholecloth

I'll do it in a few days time.
Mean while poor little Rosie was spayed today. She's not happy either but perhaps the huge tom cat from down the road will stop trying to break in.


  1. Disaster? You mean the waviness from hanging it up? You'll be able to get that out I'm sure.

    Give Rosie a cuddle from us!

  2. Poor, sweet Rosie. All will be well soon enough.

  3. Poor Rosie! It will be worth it for her, though she may never know that. lol BTW Your white whole cloth quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! Really fine work.

    Happy quilting,

  4. HI, I' d like to congrats with you for your oustanding blog, pictures , crafts and especially for your cat(s). I also have one and i love him so much, he also brought a collar for a while, and he was very sad.

  5. Awww, poor kitty! I just had 4 cats fixed last week. There are more strays outside, it just takes time to get them all done, not to mention money!

  6. can't stand not knowing what the disaster is - do hope it's fixable.

  7. Oh dear Sally, several days and you still haven't shared disaster details - does this mean that you are still trying to fix something?
    I really hope that you managed, as it's a wonderful quilt.