Sunday, 17 January 2010

Farnham Maltings

My Conscience (Steph) came with me so I became a little restrained, not a lot but a little. These two were dirt cheap and will make good backings.
These I've nearly ordered a few times, there are four fabrics here and each has three colours running parallel to the selvedge. Yummy.

This red ombre and the green marble will go into my appliqué stash. (as will those above)

And these two were irresistible just love the colours, make me salivate. The fabric behind will make a good background for quite a few different things.

All in all a good day but it got far too crowded even for an event known for it's overcrowding. I'm not sure it's good for traders either when you can't get close enough to actually see anything.


  1. Gorgeous fabrics. It's a very long time since I have been to The Maltings

  2. Fabulous applique fabrics!!!
    Good to have a stash enhancement jaunt! :o)