Thursday, 7 January 2010


I know snow in North America and parts of Europe is very normal, but here in the south of England this sort of snow is a once in a generation event. The BBC said yesterday we had a foot of snow in Fleet.
The cats aren't heavy enough to fully break the surface of the snow and sink right down thankfully or they'd disappear.

It's very pretty. I don't know what the temperature went down to here but up the road in Oxfordshire it went down to -18°C which on one online converting site tells me it's 0°F or as cold as Moscow.

Fliss and a friend made a snowman on the first night.


  1. always love seeing snow pictures.
    how fun that you had that much snow!
    cute snowman picture!

  2. Terrific photos! It looks as if the cats aren't quite sure what to do.

  3. Love the photos - my cats aren't as brave as yours, but then the snow's really deep (though it is a little warmer up here in Leeds!)

  4. Hi,dear Sally!
    Thanks for visit to my blog. I read your blog and I study at you. And it is very pleasant to me to read your comment.
    Wonderful cats and beautiful winter!

  5. HOLY COW! You guys have some SNOW! The cats must have been having a blast out there.