Saturday, 23 January 2010

What shall I do?

When I can no longer block my quilts on the floor? I'm OK for a few years, I have this 80" space at the bottom of our bed and if I need larger than this a friend has a 2nd sitting room with about a 12' area I can borrow.
I had thought hanging a wet/damp quilt on my quilt photo stand would work. I thought that as the top of the quilt was supported evenly on the rail it would dry hanging straight.

As you can see, it's totally wavy, almost storm-like (grin). Another cunning plan will need to be hatched.....


  1. It's absolutely beautiful! AND exactly why I, for the most part stick with miniatures. I don't know if I have a big enough space to lay out a big quilt to block, and he whole thought of wrangling it, crawling around on the floor, pinning and tugging into me the shakes just thinking about it.
    I hope that you get the problem figured out!

  2. As always, absolutely beautiful! Good for you, at least you have a rug and a friend with a space. I live in an all wood/tile floor home... can't block a thing on those :-).

  3. Gorgeous piece. Would it be possible to use an old-fashioned quilt frame and lightly tack the edges all around?

  4. Oooooh! It's lovely Sally!

    Eileen in Lancashire

  5. It's stunning Sally! I don't have a clue about blocking quilts so would love to see more of how you go about it.

  6. It is beautiful.
    You may have reached your limit (spacewise). It would be hard to haul it to a friend's place. Does the friend have animals?

  7. Have been following your progress...just a really, really beautiful quilt! Well done and on your Bernina!

  8. Lovely whole cloth! When I blocked mine, I had to put my bed up against the wall to have room for the queen size quilt. Then I put a fan on it to dry.