Sunday, 6 January 2008

And now we are two (again)

Because I have no quilty photos, cookies come a close second don't they?
These are truly evil. And all you have to do is open the packet, shape them slightly, ten minutes later heavenly gooey cookies.

Fliss tootled off to uni in her little car again yesterday, just when I started to get used to having TV's on constantly all over the house (grin).
DH and I went to the movies and saw PS I Love You. If you don't like soft sloppy, sentimental movies then you won't like this but we did. I loved all three of the three hot men. Three, now that's an overindulgence but I'm not complaining.
Then on to Wagamamas for food. Not only is the food delicious but you feel wholesome and virtuous having eaten it.
I could close the doors on Fliss's bedroom and bathroom and spend the day in my sewing room or I could sort out the mess. OK sewing room wins.
One of the online groups I belong to is doing a Roosting Robin. I might make a centre block for this. I want to make another medallion quilt but I'm not sure yet what the rules are and how free I'll be in the design. So I might just use their timetable to make mine. Or perhaps just declare my timetable here. Yes, that's the one. OOO, I committed now aren't I?
So my commitment is centre block by Feb 1st. Then I'll give myself one month for each new design element.
I haven't given up on my wholecloth, I'm unpicking the corner to realign the diamond grid. My fingers are seizing up a little so I'm going slowly on this. My hands and my eyes are worth looking after.
The other thing I might attempt to do today is to set up a website. I bought an off the shelf MrSite website last year but have found it difficult (to say the least) to use. This little free (yes, free) site looks a doddle, I have to resize my photos to upload them and we'll see how it goes. It also runs a blogging facility, we'll see. Blogger works well for me, so I probably will stay here, but I might try a few parallel posts to see how it works (or not). I'll add a link if and when I've got something set up.


  1. A roosting robin is a new one on me - a round robin that stays at home perhaps?

    Thanks for the info. on the websites, I've looked at MrSite a couple of times and wondered, but I'll take a look at zoomshare. I have a wordpress blog for the day job and am beginning to get frustrated with Blogger....

  2. Wagamamas is one of my favourite places to eat - you certainly do feel virtuous; all your veggies for the day in one delicious meal. I'd be really interested to hear what you think of MrSite etc for blogging. Blogger seems ok for me at the moment, but I have had enormous problems in the past. Good luck with your block, I hope you enjoy the challenge. I had another look at your posting of the grid for the wholecloth and I wish you enormous luck- I'm totally baffled and wouldn't know where to start on that one!!