Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Some times things just make you feel good.

My UK Patchwork and Quilting magazine arrived with a photo of my 'Square Within a Square' quilt. I had forgotten all about it as the competition was over way back in August. It was only a runner up so it was pleasing to have it included.

Nostalgia came back from it's tour with the World Quilt Show and arrived with it's ribbon. My very first from a US show. Apparently in the US ribbons are colour coded so you can see immediately what place a quilt has received and red is a 2nd place (in country in this instance). I know this makes sense but I like our more exuberant ribbons (grin).
I have been suffering from that old quilter's problem of procrastination. Today I shall do 3 hours work in the house and then do some stitching, or at least some preparation for some appliqué.

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  1. Are you procrastinating, Sally, or just can't decide which of the 27,000 ideas you have to work on? And well done with the quilt in the mag, and the award!