Saturday, 12 January 2008

Grid sorted

I know all this semi flooded marking looks dire but when I wash it when it's finished it will all disappear. I had a eureka moment and realised both Pauline and I were wrong. What needed to be changed were the two half diamonds in the corner. If they both lined up correctly with the trapuntoed diamonds in both directions then it would be resolved.
It was quite easy to mark off the diamonds which are bisected on the narrow points and it worked out very nicely if I marked them off at a smidge under 1 1/2" but the marks on the length ways side gave me eight or nine depending how far up the edge I went.

I measured it in both metric and inches to find some sort of measurement which I could relate back to the ruler. My calculator kept coming up with measurements to four or five decimal places which were no where on the ruler.

Then I had a second eureka moment. If I took it up 8 diamonds along the side then I could get the marking by folding paper! Happy dance. It worked.

This is it with half the diagonal lines newly marked. Hurray!!!!

Sinclair was oblivious and just slept on, doing his very best impression of a snow leopard kitten. (And a secondary joy will be the lack on little bits of white batting on the carpet.)

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