Monday, 28 January 2008

Not a lot done today

When Dale Ann won the giveaway last week, I offered her a choice of the intital one or any one of the black ones. She chose the red one. I promptly separated it from the others so it wouldn't get lost. And what happened? Of course I can find all the others but not the one safely put away. No problem, I'd just run up another one. Only doing it from memory was a mistake. Wrong colours, wrong style of feather. I'll run up anther one in the morning.

Though I did have a little sucess today, I found lamp shades which are perfectly balanced on the new lamps. I also found a couple of box frames for little quilts. Strangely the cheaper one had 'art' already in it. The 'art' is totally disposable (grin).

1 comment:

  1. Lovely feather!
    Love the find on the lampshades too.
    The end table substitutes are wonderful.