Wednesday, 23 January 2008

One for today and a couple from a few days back

I admit to this mounting on canvas causing a few difficulties. I never did find my stapler, down to a combination of a full and totally disorganised garage and not being able to get down really low to root around the boxes on the bottom shelves. Steph bought her manual one round with her and did a very good job on this one.I lost my patience trying to find the staple gun and tried using glue. Not a good idea, it's the sort of glue which makes you high as a kite and flows right out of it's tube. And that's a very big problem for me. I don't know if it's because I was just born clumsy or whether I was stoned from the fumes but I managed to get glue both on the little quilt and my cutting board.

And this little effort is one of my feathers. The background is a variation of Diane Gaudynki's bananas and Irena Bluhm's infinity. As I've said before my DH calls it intestines. I can see why but I think it one of the most elegant backgrounds.


  1. Who knew.. intestinal fascination!
    I think it looks wonderful.
    Shame about the glue, but I guess we all have these little learning curves. The blue one looks very good.

  2. I had a wallhanging stretched over canvas. I had it done by my local picture framers. She stretched it over bars for a week or so and then nailed it to the back.
    Be careful because after a few weeks they sometimes start to sag and you'll have to re do it

    love and hugs xxx