Monday, 21 January 2008

Another lovely arrival from the postman

Sabine in Germany sent me this lovely package. The German Quilt Guild magazine (lovely magazine btw) and wonderful two packets/books of wrapping paper, one of kimono fabrics and the other of vintage quilts.
In the magazine is report from the Festival of Quilts and a photo of 'When Heide met Sally'. I'm very very happy to see one of my quilts in a foreign publication. I suppose it sneaked in because of my use of Heide Stoll Weber's fabric.

The chicken stock is set on 'simmer' and now I have time to go up into my sewing room/studio to play......

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  1. It is lovely fabric isn't it. I spoke to Hiede a couple of days ago and am hoping for a fabric parcel any day now. I get ridiculously excited over such things!