Friday, 9 May 2008

72 hours in the life

of a tree peonyTuesday late afternoon
Wednesday lunch time
Wednesday after sun had gone down but not yet fully dark
Thursday morning.

And this is a deeper coloured one on another bush.
These don't flower for as long as the perennial peonies but are worth it for the sheer size of their flowers. The flowers range from 8" to even 13" or 14" on an older bush. These flowers are about 10" wide.. In the gardening directions it says to plant them in full sun, but I know the National Collection in one of the London squares has them under trees and they seem to do very well there.


  1. I have heard of tree peonies but have never seen one. Your pictures are great, my peony fix for the day.

  2. I well remember the first Peony I ever saw. I was amazed at such a beautiful flower, & when we found one in our newly purchased house garden, I was ecstatic.
    They are true gifts!

  3. We were lucky enough to buy two last year and sadly one has died - just wilted away but can't see why. The other I'm now watching and comparing to yours but has no obvious buds yet! I just love the shape of the leaves though, the flowers are an extra bonus!