Wednesday, 28 May 2008

odds and sods

My friend came back from a holiday in South Africa bearing gifts. This lovely woven bowl is woven out of the thin wires used in telephone cables. She said there were others with an even more intricate weave but this was the one in 'my' colours.

Isn't the bottom wonderful?
And these hand carved salad servers, I love them.

Each is carved from one piece of wood but carved to look like a two piece construction.

Well we finished painting the bedroom on Monday and the colour has not worked, it actually looks better in the photos than in life.

I quite liked how it looked by this mirror, sort of Wedgwood effect.

But it really doesn't go with the Toile de Jouy.
Doing a bit of weeding yesterday when I came across this chap hiding under something. Well we do live at Toad Hall so he's at the right address.

And this French butter is one of life's little luxuries. Absolute heaven.


  1. Enjoy all of your blogs; your pictures are really good. Such interesting gifts; hand made items are always unique and such interesting tales.


  2. That bowl is superb and you could wear it as a hat the other way up if you get tired of it as a bowl. Sorry - not with you on the French butter, when we lived there Nigel used to bring English butter back in the Red Cross Parcels when he came back to the UK for meetings - along with Shredded Wheat, Birds Eye frozen peas, Cadbury's Dairy Milk, stodgy granary bread and curry ready meals - we did love everything else French though :o) The staff at Sainsbugs in Folkestone got quite used to his visits

  3. Your bowl Sally would look good in my entrance porch, complement the Tesselation quilt I,ve recently made colourwise.