Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's coming along

This is what it looks like when the fireworks are done but the threads have not been buried. The threads I'm using are acrylic on the front and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Both are very springy threads so burying them is not a joy (grin).
I've managed to finish all the fireworks (see link on the right to Patsy Thompson).

I pinned the backing on Thursday afternoon and yesterday morning. I started working on this at 8.30am yesterday morning and stopped at 9.30pm last night, so what you can see is 13 hours work with a short break for lunch.
With the backing on, I went round the feathers in an echo with the red thread and then again with the green (the green thread I'm using is Madeira Polyneon and the colour is Day Glo green, although it's brightness gets toned down against the bright grass green of the fabric). For those of you interested in such things the needle is an 80 Microtex . The top tension is set at ½. That's ½ between 1 and zero, not half way round the tension settings and the bobbin thread is quite tight. I've been having loads of fun doing all sorts of different backgrounds. This adds to the texture as well as making acres of background quilting less boring to do.
Click on the photo below to get a really good view of the quilting.

You can see how doing the feathers and the fireworks without the batting gives extra loft to the feathers. I shall go back and do one line of red back down the spines to secure the middle.

And I found this fun stripe for the backing.
I'm trying to decide between green and red for the binding.
I've also ordered the threads I need for another quilt I've entered and not yet started and once again my mouth opened before my brain engaged and I've promised a sample piece for a shop, so they can show how lovely it is using the silk threads.

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  1. A red binding would be very wild. Definately something I would do :)