Saturday, 3 May 2008

Quilters just wanna have fun

I've been in the sewing room again this afternoon and it's been such fun to play with the background. The only criteria I've given myself is to keep the scale somewhat similar but allowing myself to create little bubbles of fabric. So of course I couldn't resist a feather or two.And little swirly bits.
And another feather plus a many tentacled star fish sort of thing in the foreground.
And some spirals and waves and bits like the sand when the tide has gone out.
This morning I got some gardening done but hopefully I stopped before my back ached too much. (tonight will tell) . I dug down a fork's depth and I think I got 95% of the bindweed roots. I then turned it over and broke it up into a fine tilth and spread some seeds. I thought I'd take regular photos of this bed throughout the summer so you can see if it's worked or not. I planted another clematis against the shed. From the herb section in the supermarket I bought a pot of parsley. For me this is more successful than seeds, you get about 20 plants already started for about a £1, about the same price as a packet of seed. They look a little sad at the moment but in the past they have always revived so I hope they'll do the same this year. The grass is a bit dire but the lawn mower is under repair. I found out too late on Friday to collect it so there shall be yet another weeks growth before it gets attended to. It;s only about 10 months old so it has been done under warranty.


  1. I always start the garden off with such enthusiasm but get to mid July and it all goes out the window. Hope your seeds grow into beautiful things!

    BTW your quilting is fantastic...sure looks like you've had a good time. :o)

  2. The quilting is BEAUTIFUL. Hope you don't have to suffer because of it :)

  3. Your feathers are perfect and the background is spendid !