Saturday, 31 May 2008


Two things have stopped me blogging about anything quilty.
One is I'm repainting the bedroom in off white and if you're wondering why it's taking so long, it's because our bedroom by UK standards is big about an 80' perimeter. One and a half walls left to go.
And madly arranging things for DDs trip to South America. Different vaccines, different medications for each country, various kinds of rucksacks, trying to get her an emergency credit card etc. etc..
And that's apart from me trying not to have a nervous breakdown.
Life might get a little more back to what's considered normal by Tuesday (or it might not).
I have been taking photos with my new phone and once I've worked out how to transfer them to my pc, I'll upload them.


  1. I tagged you today, just to give you something to think about other than the Amazon!!

  2. Make sure her rucksack fits properly. If in doubt please find an expert fitter, it will make a huge difference to her. I've got a friend we have just done this for. She has been amazed how much you can carry in comfort if your pack fits.