Thursday, 5 June 2008

You know you are missed when you start

receiving emails asking if you have fallen into a tub of paint!
So I'm back and stitching again.
I nearly withdrew the quilt I haven't started yet from Birmingham but someone pointed out it would give me something to concentrate on whilst DD is in South America travelling. It's a strippy so there isn't much piecing involved. I do hate cutting large long pieces though. These were cut 84" by 9¼". The finished quilt will be only 72" long but I wanted an area to practise on.
Now this might seem a little anal (even to me) but I used matching thread on each side of the seam.
When pressing seams I always find it better to iron the seam flat

before pressing it open. I'm being very particular about these seams as they are so very long and any vagaries will stitch out like a sore thumb. This is the back fabric and I was surprised to find the pattern did not match up anywhere near the selvedges. So I fold and pressed on side down using a point in the pattern as a guide. And then you can see about 6-8" away from the other side of the fabric I had to fold it back to press it on the same pattern line. I then pinned very carefully and stitched bith sides together on the pressed lines.


  1. That is one gorgeous backing Fabric!

    Glad you hadn't fallen into the paint pot :-)

    Elma in Lochwinnoch

  2. this may sound daft but I would love some trousees ( loose, baggy) in the backing fabric, will have to look out for it. Reason? I always wear cotton trousers under my leathers and like to have them as LOUD as possible!!