Monday, 16 June 2008

A quickie quilt label

Click on this to see how quick and simple it is. If you can machine quilt, you can do this. Put a piece of fabric in an embroidery hoop to hold it stiff. Write your name in thread and go back over it a few times. Cut out a square, fray the edges a bit and then just stitch it to the quilt back. 5 minutes and it's done. Not the most wonderful label in the world but when time is short, it's good enough.
Sleeves for hanging. When you sew on your sleeve, bulk it out on the open side. This means when they thread the wood through the sleeve it doesn't distort the quilt. I first iron my sleeve flat and then move it so the original pressing is about an inch in and then I press this side by eye balling that inch along the length of the sleeve. I pin it both sides before stitching. Big stitches are fine, you are not judged on how good your sleeve is.

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