Monday, 9 June 2008


I get something done. Not a lot but something.
I washed the going round in circles quilt and it's now blocked and drying on Fliss's bedroom floor.
And I got the first bit of the contemporary wholecloth quilted. Can someone tell me why on earth I decided to trapunto this piece. It has dimension without it. It's far harder to quilt through the layers. I've used Quilter's Dream poly in the de luxe weight (the thickest). It has actually made the motif quite stiff, not a problem as it's a wall hanging but it is a problem as I'm posting it to the Festival of Quilts and even if I manage to send it on a roll, they romove it and fold it up into a bag prior to hanging. So it WILL crease.
And it has a name now "Contemporary Wholecloth #1" might not be very original but it does leave the way open for me to do more on the same theme.