Thursday, 5 June 2008

Bits and bobs

I promised Quilt Direct a sample of machine quilting with YLI silk thread as they are such a lovely company to deal with. So I did this little piece yesterday and of course I didn't warm up first so it's quite dire. The stitching is far too big for this thread on the feather (and perhaps the wrong thread anyway for something so dominant) and in the background quilting I managed to get a pleat. Haven't done that for years so another little piece shall have to be done.
Sorry about the quality of this photo, I took it with my phone and forgot to put the anti shake on. I did want to show you how difficult the simplest of quilts was to pin. The fabric is my favourite Heide Stoll Weber hand dyed cotton sateen. This fabric just glows but my goodness it does have a lot of stretch. Keeping those seams straight when pinning was a major achievement.

Another shot to show you how well that backing fabric goes with the front. Notice how I haven't closed the pins, it's so much easier to close them later when sitting on the sofa watching TV.

And this is 3 evenings work cutting away the trapunto on the hand coloured quilt. I think I put in my entry form for Birmingham that it had no trapunto and realised that half way through stitching with the water soluble thread. Thank heavens this show gives you an opportunity to correct your entry information.


  1. Can't see a pleat in the sample, what was it you said to me about not knocking one's work??:¬}

  2. Wow ! The backing is fabulous. This will be an wonderful double-sides quilt !