Friday, 13 June 2008

Sleeping pills and quilting

Those who've been with me a while know I suffer from post traumatic stress. One of the symptoms is insomnia. Normally I just go with the flow, read, have a cup of tea and get on with it. Occasionally about once a year I take prescription sleeping pills for 10 nights in a row. This establishes a better sleep pattern but the amount of continuous sleep reduces over a couple of months until I'm back to where I started. Sometimes I take a herbal remedy, just for the occasional night. Wednesday was a herbal pill night. Thursday, despite having 8 hours sleep, I only achieved one of the long feathers, today after 5 hours sleep (not bad in the great scheme of things) I managed two of the long feathers. So less sleep, more quilting... or something

I'm pleased to have all the large feathers done. This is the bit which needs the most concentration, keeping the feathers evenly uneven if that makes sense.

I think I know what I shall do in the circular bits between the feathers, but I'll draw one or two first just to make sure.

I'm pleased with it so far.

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