Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Was written off...
I started the day by asking Pauline my ex quilting friend (ex quilting not ex friend) if she could help me out yet again with pinning a quilt. Have I mentioned I went over on my knees again on Saturday? Stone floors and falling over are not a good combination. However I think it's a good thing that it's my other knee this time...
Hit the supermarket and discovered it's a bad thing to go shopping when you are hungry. And even worse to end up eating two large chocolate ├ęclairs when you get home.
As I walked in the door Ferret rang and said she'd come over to collect her quilts from the Sandown show. The afternoon disappeared somehow as we sat outside having a little to eat and cups of tea discussing this and that and putting the world to right.
One thing we talked about was wavy borders. I avoid this by laying my quilt top on the floor, smoothing it out. I then lay the border fabric over the middle of the quilt top. I line it up at the top and make a mark at the bottom. I then cut the length at that mark exactly. I then fold then lengths in half, mark it with a pin or a pencil, half it again, mark it again. I do the same with the quilt top. I then pin it together on those marks and use extra pins between the marks. And I always cut borders down parallel to the seams. I have one quilt where I didn't do this and it has wavy borders, not so bad that I couldn't quilt it but bad enough for me not to have signed the quilt. I don't want that work ever to be associated with me and my quilting.
And just a couple of photos from the garden. I love the way the cistus opens out with new flowers every morning.
And these are just so much fun. I think they are called Whirligig, for obvious reasons.


  1. Those osteospermum 'Whirlygig' flowers always make me smile too - they remind me of Sark as there are copious quantities in the gardens at the Seigneurie

  2. I really like those Whirlygig flower. They look so wrong, but very pretty. I
    d love to know why the first one grew like that, and if the strange shape helped.

  3. Those are cute flowers! I might have to find some seeds for those!