Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I have been quilting and here's the proof

This is how it was first thing this morning. All the feathers are done except a few of the small ones down the left hand side.
I'm pleased with the feathers thus far but the lack of background quilting means there is no definition.

By tonight I've finished the small feathers and made a good start on the background quilting. This photo is closest to the true colour.

I've decided on a version of echo quilting. I didn't do true echo quilting as the straight lines of the strips would make it very boring one one side. So I sort of created wavy lines to echo away from. I'm seriously pleased with how this is coming on.

From the first time I saw Patsy Thompson's feathers I knew I would enjoy playing with them.
Did I think I would make the over 70" long? Maybe not. I also knew when I bought the fabrics they would be a stripy, I didn't envisage them like this. It was pure serendipity to discover her method which fits so well with these bright fabrics. I can't wait to get the background done so I can 'reward' myself with doing the fireworks.


  1. That's great!

    -Anne (aka Karen from the old Bernina 44 group)