Saturday, 7 June 2008

Another day out

In the south of England. Sorry about the quality but it was from a moving car with my phone.
Stonehenge is only a hundred yards or so from the main road to the South West. There have been many arguments for putting this road under a tunnel (but the expense has put those that be off) or diverting the road away from the henge. Personally I like the road being where it has been for years and put up with the occasional traffic jam to see it as part of the country side. When I was young we were allowed to go right up to the stones and touch them. Now with so many tourists the route on foot is restricted.

The same has happened with the Acropolis in Athens. I remember running round inside and hiding behind the columns. Sadly this again is no longer allowed.
I love our country side at this time of year. The green is such a fresh green. In a month or two it will start to fade.
The reason for our trip. We had to go down and get DD's things which won't fit in her little car and bring them home before she's flying off to Buenos Aries.


  1. Yes, your countryside is quite is my favorite color...I know I'd feel in heaven there. I went to your old blog first, now glad I have the correct address. Your work is gorgeous! Pat at birdnestontheground

  2. The first time I went past Stonehenge, I was surprised at how close to the road it was - but that just shows what an old road it is.

  3. A gorgeous day to head off to Devon for a drive :o)

  4. I also remember touching the stones when I was younger :) these days we are more likely to go to Avebury to see the circle there.