Sunday, 22 June 2008

So I'm weak...

I just couldn't resist these 50's flavoured ones.

And these repros (I got these from Fabrics Galore one of the shops which sell the older fabrics cheaply) and these are very old but as they are repros does it matter? Would it matter anyway?

And this was so cheap, I'll use it for a cool pair of pants to wear in the garden.

I also got Ricky Tims book on his Rhapsody quilts. When I did a class with him I found he was very generous with his tips and tricks so I'm hoping this book shall be the same. I'll let you know in a day or so.


  1. I just knew you wouldn't be able to resist - you wouldn't be a true P&Qer if you could - your purchases look lovely and who cares if they're not this year's designs, by the time they've sat in your stash maturing away they won't be anyway :o)

  2. What nice 50's fabrics...I wouldn't be able to walk past them either.

  3. How did you find the Ricky Timms book - I'm very tempted you see. It would be nice to hear your opinion.